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USB flash disky jsou, od doby floppy disků, nejvýhodnějším mediem k dočasnému uložení dat. Možná, že se vám bude hodit nápověda, jak lze toto medium využít ještě lépe.
Na stránce svého Infoservisu jsem vystavil kopii videa ( v angličtině ), na kterém vás autor seznámí hned s pěti způsoby efektivního využití USB disků. Patří sem:
- Running portable applications and application suites (check out PortableApps.com)
- Booting Windows or Linux from the drive (check out these TechRepublic resources, “Create your own bootable USB flash drive for Windows XP”, “SolutionBase: Puppy Linux teaches an old dog new tricks”, and “Linux in your pocket: Run SLAX from your USB keychain”)
- Speeding up Windows Vista or Windows 7 with ReadyBoost
- Creating a Windows password reset disk with the USB key instead of a floppy
- Using the flash drive like a key to lock your computer (check out Predator)
Ale pozor, autor vás rovněž upozorňuje na jedno nebezpečí pro firmy - na těchto malých potvůrkách lze snadno nepozorovaně odnést důležitá firemní data.
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10 ways to effectively estimate and control project costs

Estimating what a project will cost is only half the battle; controlling those costs during the project and after delivery is equally critical.
This information is based on a previously published article and is also available as a PDF download.
Building a better bottom line is just as important for an IT department as it is for the whole organization at the enterprise level. Implementing sound financial management within an IT framework is broader than simply being more efficient. Many factors are involved: an understanding of the main drivers of IT costs, aligning IT spending plans with overall business strategy, using financial resources efficiently, viewing IT expenditures as investments and having procedures to track their performance, and implementing sound processes for making IT investment decisions.
Estimating what a project will cost is only half the battle; controlling those costs during the project and after delivery is equally critical. In this article, we examine some methods to predict and manage costs, part of a sound basis for overall IT financial management.
1: Control baseline costs
2: Acknowledge hidden IT spending impacts
3: Understand long-term application costs
4: Understand IT cost estimation truths
5: Leverage current system investments
6: Implement short-term cost cutting measures
7: Implement long-term cost cutting measures
8: Implement pricing and chargeback mechanisms
9: Use governance to drive IT investment decisions
10: Quantify the value/benefit proposition for IT investments
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Restructure Your IT Department

Like a Detroit automaker, IT departments are heading for industrial ruin. Organizing for scale instead of results has stifled innovation and made success an option rather than an expectation. By using proven practices through restructure, your IT department can be a resilient, responsive, professional business capability that creates business impact. This webcast will show what you can do to avert an industrial catastrophe, what the future holds, and the ROI of restructuring.
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