IT best practices in 2009: Lessons learned for 2010

Text, na který odkazuji v této zprávě, představuje naprosto "čerstvý" souhrn
zkušeností s aplikací hlavních nástrojů zvyšování efektivnosti ICT z uplynulého
roku s náznakem jak těchto zkušeností využít v roce 2010.
Publikováno : 07 Jan 2010
Autorství: SearchCIO.com, Staff
"Enterprise CIOs will likely remember 2009 as the year "doing more with less"
evolved from an IT best practice into a necessity in the midst of an economic
recession. Although the transition called for cost cutting and tough decisions,
innovative IT organizations thrived, using IT best practices to achieve cost
savings in their core technology areas.
In this month's CIO Briefing, find out how CIOs used IT best practices in areas
such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), cloud computing, IT outsourcing
and business process management to drive efficiency in their organizations.
You'll also learn how they're carrying these lessons forward in their IT plans for 2010."
This guide is part of SearchCIO.com's CIO Briefing series, which is designed
to give IT leaders strategic guidance and advice that addresses the management
and decision-making aspects of timely topics.
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Table of contents
- ITIL best practices
- Server virtualization and cloud computing lessons
- IT outsourcing trends
- IT security and risk lessons
- Virtual desktop benefits
- Business process management tools
- IT in 2009: The Real Niel looks back
- More resources
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