Is your PMO adding value or adding processes?

Na stránkách portálu TenStep.com se objevila zpráva,
která stojí za zamyšlení. Podle ní firmy, které aplikují
PMO (Project Management Office) jsou více orientovány
na "writing processes and templates" místo toho, aby
byly orientovány na vytváření hodnoty
"not focused on
providing value". Cituji z portálu Tenstep.com:
" The Standish Group reports that 32% of IT projects
successfully met their expectations for schedule, budget
and scope in 2008. This is down from 35% in 2006. At the
same time, the percentage of projects that are outright
failures rose from 19% to 24%. It is widely believed that
companies that implement Project Management Offices
(PMOs) have a higher rate of overall success. Surprising
(even shockingly) the Standish report does not find that
companies with PMOs generally fare any better then those
companies without PMOs. The author of the Standish survey
thinks "in some cases, compliance and governance processes
caused programs to run longer and be delayed".
He continues "... projects don't do well, so you add
governance. Then they do worse and you add more
governance without ever knowing what you get out of it".
These findings mirror our observations that many PMOs are
internally focused on writing processes and templates
and are not focused on providing value."
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