THE STATE OF BPM - 2012 - A BPTrends Market Survey Report - zpráva č. 102

Určitě Vás bude zajímat výsledek kvalifikovaného průzkumu trhu BPM ke konci roku 2011 s výhledem do budoucna. Cituji anotaci a dole uvádím odkaz na PDF soubor.

BPTrends announces the availability of The State of BPM – 2012, our fourth BPM Survey on the State of BPM. This Survey Report analyzes the data collected from a Survey we conducted in Q4 2011 and includes the responses from BPM practitioners working in large, medium and small organizations, representing a broad cross section of industries in countries from every continent in the world. We believe this is the most comprehensive and representative overview of how organizations world-wide understand and implement BPM.

This Report compares and contrasts the results of similar BPM Survey Reports we published in 2006, 2008 and 2010 covering a broad range of topics including:

•          How Corporations Understand BPM

•          BPM Spending Levels

•          Governance

•          Types of BPM Products and Services

•          Types of BPM Initiatives

•          Future Plans

Report jsem vystavil na adrese: www.akamonitor.cz/BPM-State.pdf